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How are your prices calculated?

Orange Tree has a minimum charge for small projects which varies according to the language combination and covers our administration costs. Our prices are calculated per word or per page, depending on the language pair, volume, deadline and subject. Please contact us for a quotation.

Do I have to pay for a quote?

No, all quotations are provided free of charge. You can upload your documents and request a binding quotation online or alternatively get an instant quick quote without uploading your document. This will give you an idea of the price but is not binding.

Why is translating your material necessary?
The Impact of Foreign Languages in international Business confirms that exporters who adapted and localised their products/services and sales literature for their markets, and who aided value by having staff with foreign language skills, enjoyed average export sales growth of 7% over the previous year.
There are sound reasons for producing sales and marketing material in the language of your target markets, but how do you find a translation services provider who will produce a translation which reflects the time and effort you have spent on getting your material right?

Can I get free text translation?
There are numerous websites available offering free machine translations. Whilst there’s no doubt that these services provide you with the gist of a foreign language text if you need it quickly, they should not be used to translate material representing your company, as they are at the very most 75% accurate — meaning one in four words will be incorrectly translated.

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